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If you are looking for t-shirt, underwear, pantyhose or socks, please visit Furuhashi Co., LTD.!!
We are the wholesale trading company selling socks, t-shirt, underwear, pantyhose, tights and
etc. for both ladies and gentlemen.

【Transaction methods】
1.Please send us an e-mail listing name/quantity of products you would like to purchase
2.We will check price and stock status and confirm you available quantity and shipping date
3.After quantity and weights of products are finalized, please choose delivery method

【Delivery Methods】
■Overseas shipment
Shipping cost will be charged together with products price. Please make payment in Japanese yen.
(Delivery methods: please choose from EMS by Japan Post, air freight, SAL or sea freight)
You may make payment by bank transfer, Paypal (UnionPay) or credit card.

Sometimes available stock quantity which is shown under the merchandise code is not correct,
therefore we would like to ask any customer to refrain from payment until we inform you of your
correct sum total including shipping cost.

■Ship to Japan
・Kuroneko DM by Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. (with size and weight restrictions), nationwide uniform
fare system 120yen (tax included)

・SAGAWA EXPRESS CO., LTD.(tax included)
1,134 JPY for the whole area of Hokkaido,
918 JPY for Aomori/Akita/Iwate,
756 JPY for Miyagi/Yamagata/Fukushima,
540 JPY for Ibaragi/Tochigi/Gunma/Saitama/Chiba/Kanagawa/Tokyo/Yamanashi,
702 JPY for Niigata/Nagano
702 JPY for Shizuoka/Aichi/Mie/Gifu,
810 JPY for Toyama/Ishikawa/Fukui,
810 JPY for Osaka/Kyoto/Shiga/Nara/Wakayama/Hyogo,
1,080 JPY for Okayama/Hiroshima/Yamaguchi/Totori/Shimane,
1,080 JPY for Kagawa/Tokushima/Ehime/Kochi,
1,134 JPY for Fukuoka/Saga/Nagasaki/Oita,
1,350 JPY for Kumamoto/Miyazaki/Kagoshima,
2,700 JPY for Okinawa
If you send a parcel to an island in each region, another shipping cost is needed.

About C.O.D. fee (collect on delivery fee) of Sagawa Kyubin Co., Ltd.
If you want delivery by the other shipping companies , Please feel free to ask us.

①Total tax-included amountincluding C.O.D. fee is up to 10,000yen   300yen without tax.

②Total tax-included amount including C.O.D. fee is up to 30,000yen   400yen without tax.

③ Total tax-included amount including C.O.D. fee is up to 100,000yen   600yen without tax.

4.We will inform you the total amount including tax after delivery method is confirmed.
5.We will order products and arrange shipment after we confirm your payment.

【Return and Exchange Policy】
As a general rule, we do not correspond to cancellation and exchange of products by
personal reason such as "a photo and real product are different from my image",
"products are no longer in need", and/or due to trouble during shipping.
Please check the condition of products as soon as you receive them.
We will exchange products in case of difference in color or size sent by mistake,
or product is defective only if received products are unused.
In this case, fee of sending back products and shipping fee will be borne by us.

We are not responsible for any damage caused by change, interruption, delay or
cancellation of the contents of this service.

The copyright of the contents stated on this site belongs to Furuhashi Co., LTD. unless otherwise stated.
For copying and posting purposes other than "Reproduction for private use" and "quotation" stipulated by
Copyright Act, the license must be approved by us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding items or transactions. (correspondence in Chinese and English)
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